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About – Rundy Purdy is the author of several light-hearted books, and numerous essays covering a wide variety of topics. As a boy he began telling stories since before he could write, and doodling ever since he first laid hands on a pen. While creatively prolific, Rundy is perhaps best known his moving accounts of caring for his ailing grandfather which was described as “touching as ‘Tuesdays With Morrie,’ as tender as John Bayley’s memoir of his wife, Iris Murdoch, and in many ways truer and more tough-minded than either.(Read more…)


Books – The Stuttering Bard of York is a lighthearted tale of adventures and mishaps, starring a stuttering farmer who wants to be a bard, a warrior princess with a horse called Mankiller, and a pacifist wizard who isn’t very helpful when it comes to saving the world. The novel was followed by its sequel, The Stuttering Duke of York which continued the tale of mishaps and misadventure. Rundy also released short illustrated story Arielle’s Wedding followed in the grand tradition of making fun of family and indulging in immature jokes. (Read more…)


Essays – Well written essays are one of the most enjoyable forms of literature to read. Succinct, sometimes pithy, sometimes moving, they give us a snapshot of life, a presentation of ideas. The subject matter for essays are numerous but the goal of clarity and strong writing always remains the same. The essays here touch on many aspects of life, including the depths of death and the heights of love. (Read more…)


Blog – If you want the news that is freshest, the blog is the place to be. With at least a post each week, this is the place to keep track of where Rundy is going, what is doing, writing, thinking, and planning. You’ll even get a dose of the interesting things he has found around the web. Be sure to subscribe! (Read more…)