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Arielle’s Wedding

Arielle chasing Rundy with a shoe

Arielle was a lovely young lady of the finest disposition, but she had one problem. She had family issues.

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These were not your normal family issues, like divorced parents, a brother with an embarrassing girlfriend, or even an Aunt Matilda who liked to steal the family silverware. They weren’t even the tantalizing, exciting, family issues like an Uncle Gus who was a mafia Don, or a second-cousin Clive who was an ax murderer out on parole, or even a niece named Eloise who had psychological issues and thought she was a dog.

No, Arielle’s family problems were much, much, worse. Her entire family was dysfunctional, a rather nicely vague word which covers a lot of neurosis and psychosis. But the crowning problem was one particular cousin of scraggly appearance and questionable mental stability.

His name was Rundy, a rather unfortunate (and unfortunately named) cousin. You see, he had been what polite company refers to as a “special needs” child, a phrase uttered sotto voce at social gatherings, heavy with meaning and significant looks—meaning exactly what nobody is usually quite sure, though in this case it meant quite a lot.

The Wedding Disaster

Arielle smiling

Arielle has met the man of her dreams, but will her dysfunctional cousin Rundy ruin the most special day of her life? Read this breath-taking story of adventure and romance to find out!

This illustrated story, full of light-hearted humor, brings to life the meaning of “family dysfunction” in hilarious style. Learn the true meaning of the Irish Shoe Dance, bedtime habits, and situational nose picking–all in the course of one wedding.

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