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I just finished The Stuttering Bard of York yesterday. It’s already on loan to a friend, and my mom and another friend are in line to read it. I loved it! It was awesome and I’ll recommend it to people with lots of cheerful laughter. [. . .] It was a very fun and joyful read; something I’d reread any day I just needed something to make me feel better. I finished it in two days, actually, and love Ben with all my heart. -A.G.

Couldn’t put it down. Enjoyed the book very much. The start was slow but slowly brought you into the story and nade it hard to put down just waiting to see what would happen next.–Matlin (Excerpt from Amazon review.)

I liked this enough that I bought a second copy for one of my sons. Good first book; hope he writes more.–4sons (Excerpt from Amazon review.)

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