Updating Listings

This Monday my first order of books came in. UPS shipping had the books on my doorstep in three business days. I now have books to give away for publicity and to sell.

I can check online to see sales of my book through the distribution channel. It updates pretty fast. You can see the money from sales adding up almost in real time. Like Amazon ranking, this is something some people would find themselves obsessively watching. So far I’ve picked up two sales. Since I haven’t done anything to get the word out yet, I’m pretty confidant both sales were to family.

Earlier this week I contacted Amazon to correct the error in the listing of my name with The Stuttering Bard of York. I received a message back saying they would put in the correction. That is good, but the correction hasn’t happened yet. It could be a number of days . . .

Today I spent a good part of the afternoon attempting to create and update my listing not only with Amazon but with Borders and Barnes & Nobles as well. I was derailed halfway through the process when I discovered that there appears to be an error in my listing in Bowker’s Books in Print. By the end of the day I still hadn’t got to the bottom of that, so I haven’t even begun to work on my listing with Barnes & Nobles or Borders.

At least I did manage to go through the proper channels to upload a cover image for The Stuttering Bard of York on Amazon. That should be appearing with the book in 3-5 business days.