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  • My December 2015 Sale (And Giveaway!)

    Hello everyone! I’ve had a busy summer and fall traveling. I hope in the coming weeks to get back to posting some writing here. Stick around. In the meantime, the holiday season is upon us, and I am trying something new. We are doing a book sale–of author signed paperback copies! The books are at […]

  • Book Giveway on Goodreads for The Sea is Wide

    I currently have a Goodreads give away going on. You need to be a Goodreads member to participate. If you are and would like a free copy of The Sea is Wide to read and review, head on over here: Giveaway ends on the 14th. Good luck!

  • First Live Interview

    Back on the 19th of August I participated in my first live interview on The Morning Drill show out of Titusville PA. As a first it went pretty well, I think. Even better, the station put the video clips for the interview up on Youtube so that I can share it with you! I’ve gathered […]

  • Available for Pre-order–The Sea is Wide: A Memoir of Caregiving

    I was remiss in not mentioning this a little earlier, but better late than never! The Sea is Wide: A Memoir of Caregiving won’t be published until June 3rd, but it is available now for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. If you would like to reserve a copy for your Kindle now, head on over to Amazon. […]

  • Thank You Everyone!

    When the clock ticked over from Friday night to 12:01 AM Monday, my Pubslush crowd-funding campaign came to an end. If you were watching the website then you know the final numbers at Pubslush were 40 contributors, and a total of $4,820. However, if we are being completely precise an additional four people wanted to […]