Category: Writing

  • When Emotions Weigh Us Down

    Emotions are powerful things. They can make us feel like we are on the highest of heights, or the deepest of depths. I have walked those paths. I have felt darkness, aloneness, and grief that rose like a monstrous wave to consume me. I have felt like a weak pathetic thing abused and tossed about […]

  • First Live Interview

    Back on the 19th of August I participated in my first live interview on The Morning Drill show out of Titusville PA. As a first it went pretty well, I think. Even better, the station put the video clips for the interview up on Youtube so that I can share it with you! I’ve gathered […]

  • The Next Step – Will You Join Us?

    The cover is finished, the book is ready. Now I need your support. I’m looking for your help getting this book out to people facing Alzheimer’s. I want to bring them support and encouragement, but I can’t do it alone. If you are long time followers and know who I am and what I am […]

  • Cover Vote

    The time has arrived. After much work (big thanks to my talented brother Justin who designed the covers and many more) and much agonizing, I must now decide what cover will go with my book The Sea is Wide: A Memoir of Caregiving. It will be a tough choice. In the end I must weigh […]

  • Links for Today: Heinlein, Gaiman, and more!

    For your perusal: In 1955 Robert Heinlein offered fellow writer Theodore Sturgeon a helping hand in the form of some story ideas. A fascinating read. Five lessons for authors and self-publishers from Neil Gaiman. Good points. The full video from which those points were extracted is also available for anyone interested. The following two articles […]