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Well written essays are one of the most enjoyable forms of literature to read. Succinct, sometimes pithy, sometimes moving, they give us a snapshot of life, a presentation of ideas. The subject matter for essays are numerous but the goal of clarity and strong writing always remains the same. It can be very hard to write good essays, and I am always trying to do better.

Grandpa & Me

  • The Next Great Adventure

    Life can change suddenly. Sometimes, it does. On September 24th mine did. My grandfather has Alzheimer’s…” (Read more.)

  • Tractor Rides

    While I was growing up Grandma and Grandpa Purdy lived in the country. They lived on the Pennsylvania-New York border, and to reach their house you had to…” (Read more.)

  • The Indian Man

    Grandpa always had a fascination with frontier American life, in particular with Native Americans…” (Read more.)

  • Nobody Here

    Alzheimer’s Disease is like mental cancer. It eats away inside you insidiously, slowly destroying you…” (Read more.)

  • Full Circle

    It’s strange how life can travel in full circles. The years roll past and what once was is now reversed…” (Read more.)

  • No Going Back

    On the 4th of July, the extended family held a gathering at an RV campground in Pennsylvania. A pavilion was rented…” (Read more.)

  • Grandpa’s Guitar

    I’m learning how to play Grandpa’s guitar. I hold a piece of Grandpa’s history, playing the instrument of the man I care for–who can’t play himself…” (Read more.)

  • Saying Goodbye

    There were many things I wanted to write before this, but life never goes in the neat little order we desire…” (Read more.)

  • The Burden

    Grandpa is gone, and it is natural to think about what we have lost in his passing. But there is something I would like to share today…” (Read more.)

  • The Empty Couch

    We all grieve in different ways. Some people grieve loudly, others in silence…” (Read more.)

  • Laughter Through the Tears

    There is much that goes into coping with Alzheimer’s, but a sense of humor doesn’t hurt…” (Read more.)


  • A Moment

    I wish so much sometimes that with a hug I could draw out the sorrow and pain of another and bear it myself…” (Read more.)

Writing & Publishing

  • Publishing Revolution

    The times, they are a-changin. We are living in the middle of a publishing revolution, and its collective impact is perhaps second only to the changes unleashed by Johannes Gutenberg…” (Read more.)

  • The Future of Publishing

    When you envision the future of publishing, what do you see? You might think you see ebooks, and all sorts of little digital reading devices, but what you should see is a small machine…” (Read more.)

  • Will Ebooks Rule?

    It is all the rage now to say that ebooks are the future of publishing. There is no better way to make yourself a predictable sage then to proclaim…” (Read more.)