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The listing here indicates no form of endorsement or recommendation for the companies. You must research and decide who will best serve your needs.

  • Lightning Source ( – POD division of Ingram. You need to know your stuff to work with this company.
  • Lulu ( – Independent POD company. They are aimed at the inexperienced self-publisher. They have low-price barebones offers for those who want to experiment without much expense
  • Createspace ( – POD division of They compete directly with Lulu in the same price range.
  • Leanpub ( – Ebook publishing & distributing startup focused on enabling publish-as-you-write.
  • Magcloud ( – POD publishing & distributing subsidary of HP focused on magazines & periodicals.
  • iUniverse ( – This company focuses on offering a more extensive publishing package. They help the author with more things, or do more things for the author. But this also comes with a higher price.
  • AuthorHouse ( – This company is a direct competitor with iUniverse. If you want a lot of hand holding in your publishing, this is the sort of company you need to consider.
  • WOWIO ( – This is a place to sell ebooks, comics, and graphic novels. There is a great deal of flexibility in how you sell.
  • Cassady Cataloguing Service ( – If you need Publishers’ CIP data for your book, this is one company that offers the service.