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You Can Help

Have you read and enjoyed The Stuttering Duke of York? Would you like to see the book succeed? Well, you can help!

The Stuttering Duke of York was not released by a large publishing house with a marketing team and advertising budget to make the book a success. As a small fish in the big pond I must rely upon the best and oldest form of advertiseing to make my book succeed: Yes, word-of-mouth. If you appreciated The Stuttering Duke of York I would be most grateful if you spread the word.

Want More?

There are a number of ways you can spread the word. You can:

  • E-mail anyone you think might enjoy the story and let them know they can read it online
  • Write a review online at and Barnes & Noble
  • Mention the book, or even write a review of it on Facebook, any social website, your blog, website, or forum
  • If you own a copy you can lend it to a friend
  • Each of those things will cost you nothing, but if you really enjoyed The Stuttering Duke of York you could give a copy to your local library

Do you know of another way to spread the word? Let me know.